New Oracle Environment Road Map

  1. Allocate Hardware & Network
  2. Install OS
  3. Prep OS for Oracle
  4. If ASM used:
    • Config Storage for ASM (fdisk,udev)
    • Install Grid Infrastructure (GI)
    • Create ASM Groups
  5. Install Database Product
  6. Apply Latest Patches
  7. Create Database



Grid Infrastructure (GI)

Database Product

Installation: 19.3 | 18.3 | 12.2 | 12.1


If you have RAC and a stand-alone Data Guard (DG) server, patch the DG server first (ex: OJVM-DB PSU).

Oracle Client Install


The Non-CDB architecture is being deprecated in Oracle Database 12c (12.2). You may wish to start getting familiar with Multitenant. Here is Oracle's Intro to Multitenant.

Linux Prep Page Trans