Patching a Bug (one-off patch)

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The following instructions cover applying a bug patch AKA a "one-off patch". This example uses bug patch number 25385515 for a 12.2 RAC node.

The OCM response file option (-ocmrf <ocm response file>) is generally not needed in 12.2 or later. You can ignore that option if indicated in the patch notes in most cases per MOS.

Make sure to perform any conflict resolution steps indicated before applying.


ACFS File System Is Not Configured, GI home is not shared and none of the Oracle database homes use ACFS file system for its software files.


opatchauto apply <UNZIPPED_PATCH_LOCATION>/25385515 -oh <GI_HOME>


Unzip Patch File

su - grid
mkdir -p /u01/orasw/patches/inv_gipc_att_msgs/25385515
cp /tmp/ /u01/orasw/patches/inv_gipc_att_msgs/
cd /u01/orasw/patches/inv_gipc_att_msgs/

Apply Patch

su -
export PATH=$PATH:/u01/app/
opatchauto apply /u01/orasw/patches/inv_gipc_att_msgs/25385515 -oh /u01/app/