Windows User Account Issue

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If one reads the Oracle documentation covering Oracle databases on a Windows system you may be lead to expect the security model works as ideally as on UNIX\LINUX. For instance creating a standard OS account for Oracle to run services for a particular ORACLE_HOME. This unfortunately is not true.

In Oracle 12c, as in earlier versions of Oracle on Windows, you must use the local Administrator account. Otherwise you will experience loss-of-service events.

Just to completely spell this out. The account you use to install and run Oracle:

  • Cannot be a non-administrator account that is a member of the local administrators group.
  • Cannot be a Domain Administrator account.
  • Must be THE system's local Windows Administrator account.

This was confirmed via Oracle support case (SR 3-10914644911) after experiencing sporadic issues during operations, in performing 12c stand-alone installs and performing 11g to 12c upgrades.

Alternatively install Oracle 12c on UNIX\LINUX if your application supports this.