Iexpress.exe, Using to Create Windows .exe


Iexpress.exe is a tool that comes with most versions of Windows (Windows 2000 Server to Windows 10). While its core purpose is to create Self Extraction Directive (SED) files, it can also be used to create .exe files from scripts (.bat, .vbs, .hta, .py etc.). In this way you can simply distribute and run your script as a single .exe file!

This example creates an .exe file to run hello.bat. Change as needed to match your script requirements.


  1. As administrator, run iexpress:
     Option A: Windows-Key and type "iexpress.exe" then run.
     Option B: Run: C:\Windows\System32\iexpress.exe.
  2. Welcome:             (x) Create new Self Extraction Directive file
  3. Package purpose:     (x) Extract files and run an installation command.
  4. Package title:       Hello
  5. Confimration prompt: (x) No prompt.
  6. License agreement:   (x) Do not display a license.
  7. Packaged files:      [Add] and select you script file(s).
                           Filename: hello.bat
                           Path:     C:\app\bat
  8. Install Program to Launch: Select your script (ex: hello.bat).
                                 Add "cmd" to command as so: cmd /c hello.bat
  9. Show window:         (x) Hidden
 10. Finish message:      (x) No message.
 11. Package Name and Options: C:\app\exe\Hello.exe
                                Options: [x] Hide File Extraction...
                                         [ ] Store files using...
 12. Configure restart:   (x) No restart
 13. Save SED:            [Next]
 14. Create package:      [Next] then [Finish] 
Hello.exe is created in the directory you specified.


From this point you can copy the .exe file and any essential support files where you need and just run the .exe.

.EXE for HTA


 Create a batch file with one line (ex: myapp.bat): 
 @call start /min /b C:\app\myapp\myapp.hta

For Packaged files

 1. Add above .bat file   (ex: myapp.bat).
 2. Add .ico file if used (ex: favicon.ico).
 3. Add .hta file         (ex: myapp.hta).

For Install Program to Launch:

 cmd /c C:\app\myapp\myapp.bat
  • Assumes you have .hta extension associated with mshta.exe.
  • You can of course associate other extensions to run HTA apps.
  • This increases security as it must be run from specified directory.
  • Start command docs.