Active Session History (ASH) Report


You can run ASH reports to analyze transient performance problems with the database that only occur during specific times.

Example Report Creation Session

SQLPLUS> @$ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/ashrpt.sql

Current Instance

   DB Id    DB Name      Inst Num Instance
----------- ------------ -------- ------------
 1234567890 ORADB               2 oradb2

Specify the Report Type
Enter 'html' for an HTML report, or 'text' for plain text
Defaults to 'html'
Enter value for report_type: html

Enter value for begin_time: 03/28/17 10:00:00

Defaults to SYSDATE - begin_time
Press Enter to analyze till current time
Enter value for duration: 03/28/17 13:00:00

Specify the Report Name
The default report file name is ashrpt_2_.html.  To use this name,
press <return> to continue, otherwise enter an alternative.
Enter value for report_name: <ENTER>

Report runs...

Report written to ashrpt_4_.html