SQL Developer, Installation


The following covers the most essential steps to start using Oracle's SQL Developer on a Windows system. Paths to useful DBA features here.


  • From your DBA get the following:
    • Username and Password (ex: scott\tiger)
    • Hostname (ex: lnx01).
    • Database Service Name (ex: oradb).
    • Port Number (ex: 1521).
  • You must have the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed.
    Choose the file named vcredist_x64.exe.


  1. Download the latest version to the C:\app directory.
    Select: Windows 64-bit with JDK included
  2. Create a C:\app directory.
    All Oracle software uses this as the base.
  3. Unzip the file. It will create a corresponding directory.
    Example: C:\app\sqldeveloper-\sqldeveloper
  4. From the ...\sqldeveloper sub-directory create a shortcut to the
    sqldeveloper.exe file on to your desktop or taskbar.
  5. Double-click the desktop short-cut to start the application.

Improving Launch Time

You can greatly speed up the time SQL Dev takes to launch by disabling features you dont need to use. Tools Menu 🠊 Features

Initial Run

  • If prompted to Confirm Import Preferences select Yes if upgrading from older version.
  • On the top left, click the green plus (+) sign to create a connection.

Complete Essential Fields

Enter the values from your DBA for the items in blue.

  • Connection Name: <Enter a Descriptive>
  • Username: scott
  • Password: tiger
  • Select [x] Save Password.
  • Connection Type: Basic
  • Hostname: lnx01
  • Port: 1521
  • (x) Service Name: oradb
  • Press Test then Save after working.

Useful DBA Features

Dashboard GUI

 SQLDev -> DBA -> +MyDB -> Database Status -> Instance View


 Menu -> View -> DBA (DBA Tab Opens)
 DBA Tab -> Security -> [Right-CLick] Roles: Create New