Oracle's Highly Available IP (HAIP) was created for the Cluster Interconnect to help eliminate a single point of failure. Previously, if a RAC node's private interface failed it would no longer be available for cluster operations. Correspondingly this could cause several issues from stopping of the nodes heartbeat to node eviction.

What You Need to Know

  • HAIP installs automatically when you install the GI.
    There are no options on the installation required to enable it. It is the default now.
  • It makes a duplicate instance of the private network interface by default.
    Example: eth1:1 would be created from eth1.
  • If the cluster is shutdown (ex: crsctl stop cluster -all) the spawned HAIP interface (ex: eth1:1) no longer exists.
  • The default IP range used by HAIP interfaces is: 169.254.x.x
  • HAIP tries to use the same IP every time the cluster node is started.
  • Custom changes can be made to HAIP or more interfaces added.
    This is done via the Oracle Interface Configuration command (oifcfg).
  • Display HAIP status:
    grid> crsctl stat res -t -init|grep haip
      1        ONLINE  ONLINE       rac02                    STABLE
  • Display available HAIP interfaces on cluster:
    SELECT inst_id,name,ip_address FROM gv$cluster_interconnects ORDER BY inst_id;
---------- --------------- ---------------
	 1 enp0s9:1
	 2 enp0s9:1