Data Pump Concepts

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The Oracle Data Pump is a feature of Oracle 10g and later databases that enables very fast bulk data and metadata movement between Oracle databases. The Oracle Data Pump provides new high-speed, parallel Export and Import utilities (expdp and impdp). Data Pump Export and Import utilities are faster than the original Export and Import Utilities. A single thread of Data Pump Export is about twice as fast as original Export, while Data Pump Import is several times faster than original Import.

The service names used by the Data Pump are:

  • dm (master process)
  • dw (worker process)

The list of features for both the Data Pump import and export can be displayed using the HELP parameter.

expdp system/password help=y


  • Create Directory Object
    SQLPLUS> CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY datapump AS 'c:\exports'; 
    SQLPLUS> GRANT read,write ON DIRECTORY datapump TO system;
  • Ensure Oracle user performing Data Pump operation has adequate permissions.
  • It is common to include a meaningful job name for all Data Pump operations so as a job can be ideally managed. Some OSs have a problem if hyphens or underscores used in the job name.

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