Database Troubleshooting

  1. What is experiencing issues?
    __ Application(s): ____________________________________
    __ Client\schema: ___________________________________
    __ Client Database Tool(s):____________________________
    __ Did anything on the client or application change since last time it worked? __ ARE YOU SURE?
    __ Is the application software connection method (class\config\library) up-to-date (ODBC, JDBC, OCI etc.)?
  2. Are there any network issues?
    __ Can you ping the database from the effected clients? __ Any lost packets?
    __ Is the DNS name resolving (via nslookup)?
    __ Can you ping the database port (1521: use telnet or paping.exe to do this)?
    __ Is the network appliance firmware up-to-date?
  3. Are there any server issues?
    __ CPU, __ Disk Space, __ Network (hosts, routes, IP\subnet\gateway), __RAM
    __ OS Error Logs OK?
    __ Any rogue applications running on Oracle server (monitoring software, security scans, virus scans)?
    __ Are the OS patches up-to-date?
  4. Are there any SAN, RAID or Disk I\O issues?
    Oracle ideally requires 1ms read and 5ms write times.
    • UNIX\LINUX = mpstat
    • Windows = Performance Monitor
  5. Are there any database issues?
    __ Alert log and trace files OK?
    __ Listener log OK?
    __ Service(s) all running?
    __ Connect to database from database server OK?
    __ Connect to database from DBA connection tool and\or client OK?
    __ Database state OK (OPEN)?
    __ Is the schema locked?
    __ Are the database patches up-to-date?