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ORAchk: Health Checks for the Oracle Stack

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Oracle ORAchk is a free, lightweight and non-intrusive health check framework for the Oracle stack of software and hardware components. It allows you to better identify and act on those factors that effect Oracle compliance, stability and performance.


  1. Automates risk identification and proactive notification before business is impacted
  2. Runs health checks based on critical and reoccurring problems.
  3. Runs in your environment with no need to send anything to Oracle.
  4. Enables you to schedule email health check reports.
  5. Integrates the findings into other tools of your choice.
  • ORAchk is pre-installed with the database. These instructions cover how to use the latest version.
  • EXAchk is not covered here. It is for Oracle Engineered Systems.

To download go to: Doc ID 1268927.2


Create App Directory

 su -
 mkdir /u01/app/orachk
 chown grid:oinstall /u01/app/orachk
 chmod 765 /u01/app/orachk

Unzip File

 su - grid
 cp /tmp/ /u01/app/orachk/
 cd /u01/app/orachk

Create Report

Example usage session below.

 su -
 export GRID_HOME=/u01/app/
 export PATH=$GRID_HOME/bin:$PATH

 cd /u01/app/orachk

You can also run orachk in local mode with the switch -localonly.

 CRS stack is running and CRS_HOME is not set. 
 Do you want to set CRS_HOME to /u01/app/[y/n][y]
 Please indicate your selection from one of the above options for root access[1-4][1]
 Select databases from list for checking best practices. 
 For multiple databases, select 1 for All or comma separated number like 1,2 etc [1-2][1]


After running you will see the path displayed for the report.