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Data Guard

Specs used in examples:

 Hostname  Role     DB_NAME  DB_UNIQUE_NAME  ORACLE_SID (Env Var)
 --------  -------  -------  ---------------  --------------------
 lnx01     Primary  oradb    oradb            oradb    
 lnx02     Standby  oradb    oradb_sb         oradb_sb

Common Creation Tasks

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Primary Database Changes
  3. Network Changes
  4. Copy Files to SB: OMF (manually) | RMAN
  5. Standby Database Changes: OMF | ASM
  6. Configure Broker
  7. Enable Flashback Database

Generally if you are using RAC at the Primary use the second option for these when specified (RMAN, ASM).