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Store Documentation in One Easy to Access Place

In some computer environments, documentation exists all over the physical and virtual landscape! When a new DBA comes on board, it seems like every common task must be reinvented, because there is no one place where all documentation can be found. You need to make creating and changing your documentation easy. To achieve this have all the documentation for your databases and their support in O-N-E (1) place.

Important Caveat

A corporate centralized location that has a slow connection and\or requires
a multitude of navigational efforts is as good as useless. 

Why? Documentation will be out of date if it exists at all.

One solution to such a toilsome environment is to maintain documentation 
locally and then periodically send a packaged update (.pdf etc.)
to the corporate site to keep the bean counters happy.

Hint: If the word "toilsome" can be used to describe your environments
documentation efforts management may not be committed to it being

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